Victoria Park with the most haute designs of Sue Wong

On Thursday, September 16, 2021 Doris Bergman and her sprite team of created a special event at the iconic in West Hollywood. Transforming the outdoor patio into a lavish gifting suite, the highly anticipated event was a great welcoming after a long awaited comeback in celebration of 73rd Annual Emmy® Awards.

Did you know that the best kept secret to beautidul hair is a healthy scalp?This is the root of Japanese hair culture, where they integrate organic hair and scalp treatments.

In the United States, many salons perform treatments that provide superficial services that promise to give you the utmost in a shiny and glossy look, but use unhealthy hidden chemicals, without taking into consideration the long term condition.

The Japanese way is primarily focused on a wholistic approach to natural wellness. …

Jamie Street/Unsplash

Robert Louis Stevenson

Falling in love at any age is a wondrous experience. But love at fifty-something is different than love at thirty-something. For some, it can be just like our first love, but deeper. For others, it is just one more in a line up of years of being in and out of love. And for others, the lucky ones, it is a life-long journey with a soul partner.

Falling in love, truly, madly and deeply is not for the faint of heart. It…

Pure Radiance! Custom Color by Louisa

It’s that time of year again, when the days grow longer, the nights grow shorter and the fragrant blooms begin to waft through the air. For many, this was a year that felt like eternity, especially because of the shut downs and elongated times between visits to our favorite salon. And for most, we learned the value of a professional stylist who could help us feel beautiful again. Some of us braved the in between times by letting it all hang out, the good, the bad, the ugly and especially the gray roots!

But here in Los Angeles, in the…

Mastering the Art of Healthy Hair

Did you know that the Japanese make healthy hair a ritualistic art form, and the root of Japanese hair culture, where they integrate organic hair and scalp treatments?

AtBlow Me Away Organic Hair Salon & Head Spa, Los Angeles, you will be blown away by the tender loving care and meticulous attention to the details of overall health. The full-service scalp treatment is a must for those who truly seek the finest quality non-toxic, natural products and overall conditioning.

In the United States, many salons perform treatments that provide superficial services that promise…

Deepak and me at his book signing: “You Are The Universe”

I cannot resist the temptation to begin this story with the main attraction of my retreat. I wanted to share the incremental progression of the weekend where we learned about the pillars of health…

Have you ever heard of Trichology? .

TrichologyIt is the science that deals with the hair, its diseases, and care

My last fond memory of a festive vibe in Los Angeles 2020 was during the…

OSkin MedSpa after my Signature Facial

I cannot even remember back when I had my last spa experience since the Covid-19 pandemic. I think it was the end of January. I know that things were getting very scary here in Los Angeles and it was probably the last safe day for me to go out to a public mall. I must admit that the mall was not at all crowded. In fact it was very deserted. The spa was empty as well. And this was before we were told NOT to go out. …

VIP Sponsor My Saint My Hero with Tichina Arnold (“The Neighborhood”)

On Saturday, February 8, 2020, Fig & Olive

A gathering of stars came out to celebrate at Doris Bergman’s 12th Annual Pre-Oscar® Style Lounge and Party honoring the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at the newly remodeled Hollywood Hotspot on Melrose Place. Featuring the best of gourmet cuisine from the French and Italian Rivieras . With over 100 of Hollywood’s finest, the turn out was a success, to celebrate and pay homage to the film industry’s Oscar® Nominated actors, former Oscar® winners, presenters, stylists and industry VIPS.

Me and Dr. Deepak Chopra

I had the opportunity to experiment with becoming unplugged by escaping the tech universe for a couple of days and chilling out with the Chopra Institute.

This was a dream come true!

I had the privilege of attending the Retreat with Dr. Deepak Chopra, the Guru to the stars and beyond The Chopra Center workshop, was held in a lovely setting, the .

Unless you’ve been living in a coma for a few decades, you’ve probably heard of this “controversial New Age guru and booster of alternative medicine”( 2013).

Marjorie Hope Rothstein

LifeStylist: Future Trends, Ageless Natural Beauty, LuxSpaTrends, follow her “Quest for the Fountain of Youth”,sharing Beauty for the Soul.

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