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Marjorie Hope Rothstein
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Are you a boomer in search of a facelift? Do you find yourself avoiding mirrors and bright lights so as not to see the wrinkles which seem to be appearing daily, at first glance? What do you see first when you gaze at yourself? Is it your crow’s feet, your lip creases, or your sagging jowls? Do you cringe when you see a photo and avoid selfies, unless there’s a filter?

While many of us have stayed home more in the past 18 months, adhering to lockdown mandates, spending more time watching the news, television, and YouTube videos, which have made us more self-conscious.

It seems as if we have all had too much time to ponder during lockdowns. Now that we are emerging “out there” and are on the move, life is starting back up, we still may have those sleepless nights and stress which has taken its toll.

Even if we were consistently taking care of ourselves, many people are taking more responsibility for their overall well-being in the form of self-education, self-knowledge, and self-reliance. Instead of relying on medical professionals, solely, we have all become more mindful of our own health conditions.

In 2020 most of our lives came to a standstill in so many more ways, due to the global pandemic, especially the in-person skin treatments. From business shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates, most were adhering to the safety considerations while the usual in-office professional procedures were put on hold.

From monthly facials and dermatological treatments to in-office beauty rituals, many of us were anticipating a surge in 2021 for getting out and getting back into shape, especially focusing, on self-care. Some were used to relying upon spa rituals including saunas, steam, massage, as well as tightening and toning the skin which comes along with our favorite form of stress-reduction.

“The results of such a stressful year appeared on our skin in new and unexpected ways. Worry lines, downturned facial muscles, mask-induced congestion and breakouts (which we not-so-fondly call “maskne”), and the emphasis on the face while making video calls, are just a few of the concerns driving a new set of in-office treatment trends in beauty.” The Zoe Report

As if it wasn’t enough to be stuck at home, video conferencing became de rigueur, and being on camera drew more attention to our flaws on video calls. Unfortunately, filters and lighting can only do so much to enhance our Zoom calls. This brought forth a new demand for procedures and treatments to address double chins, wrinkles on the face and neck, and eye bags.

The most popular 2021 In-Office Skin Treatment Trend became Laser Resurfacing Treatments

The new year marked the re-emergence of more visibility so as to focus on personal beauty enhancements. However, no one was in favor of post-op extended downtime now that the world was reopening. That is why resurfacing laser treatments became the go-to, which is more efficient and less invasive than plastic surgery. With the onslaught of “Zoom Skin,” the everyday professional had to become more conscious of how we appeared on camera. The exaggeration of unwanted pigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as texture inconsistencies may be wiped out with a filter, but nothing can match the single process of the C02 Fractional Laser procedure.

While relaxants, fillers and plumpers have always been in the forefront, such as Botox and Xeoman, as well as Hyaluronic Acid, such as restylane and juvederm, a focus is now on collagen-stimulating treatments in the new year to help ameliorate wrinkles and supple skin tone. In 2021 the top trend was avoiding more extreme procedures like facelifts and choosing non-invasive technology that boosts collagen production.

My personal goal was to reduce or eliminate more pronounced lines and wrinkles and, instead, have an overall refreshed appearance.

I found out that the best way was by removing the deeper layers of damaged skin and stimulating the regeneration of healthy skin underneath. I was only interested in a procedure that required a local anesthetic, to relieve any potential discomfort. I also was concerned about the after-care and wanted to make sure I had the absolute best professionals to guide me and absolutely no surprises.

Finding and Choosing the BEST Doctor for the Best Treatment

After researching and exploring all kinds of treatment options, it was recommended that I consult with the best of the best, Dr. Ronald Moy, who has some impressive accolades such as: Past President, American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

I was so excited to finally meet up with a real pro, after having several consultations with mostly medical aesthetic practitioners, that suggested many different alternatives. The truth is that most specialize in only a select few treatment protocols and therefore, recommend whatever they have to offer.

“The minute I met with Dr. Ronald Moy he was a quick study, and immediately suggested that I do the CO2 Fractional Laser.”

I was not familiar with this specific procedure. This is considered the ‘gold standard’ of Ablative lasers, which work by resurfacing the skin. It removes the thin outer layer of skin () and heats the underlying skin (dermis). This stimulates the growth of new collagen fibers. As the epidermis heals and regrows, the treated skin appears clearer, smoother and tighter.

Here is a specific list of some of the areas it addresses:

* Fine and deep

* Uneven skin tone or texture

* Mild to moderate scars

* Large pores

* Superficial to deep hyperpigmentation

My biggest concern was the wrinkles around my mouth and under my eyes. Being a non-smoker, I soon discovered that it may be a hereditary condition. My hope was that the vertical lines at least would be more diminished.

Since I had never had any kind of medical aesthetic procedure that would require a mindful after-care, I specifically chose to work with his team of experts to make sure there were no complications. The day of the procedure I was a bit nervous, but Dr, Moy was so skilled and his staff were beyond words, attentive. The procedure did not require any extreme sedatives or anesthesia, but I did have several pain-blocking shots which rendered the muscles on my face immobilized. (No selfies, right after.)

I was especially impressed with his technique of cooling the skin with a huge, loud fan, as the laser was passing over the surface of my skin. It also served as a distraction for me. Most of all, I was impressed by the brisk performance of the doctor. I was aware of all that was going on. I also did not have any complications or painful experiences in the after care which is precisely what I hoped for! I remember that his procedure felt so exciting and at the same time so fast, I hardly had a moment to ruminate upon what was happening. He felt like a magician!


Because of my passion for becoming “age-less,” seeking the best of the best in preventative wellness was my goal. What was most impressive is the highly specialized knowledge and research that Dr. Moy shared with me about leading-edge breakthroughs in non-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery and preventative treatments.

He also specializes in skin cancer prevention using vitamin V3 supplements and DNA Repair enzyme cream and lasers. You can find more info regarding his protocols and skincare regimens at CELLULARMD.COM

When asked about what the future holds for preventative skin care measures and non-invasive anti-aging procedures, Dr. Moy responded,

Prevention of aging and skin cancer is now possible with oral supplements and creams that work on a cellular level. Minimally invasive procedures can now prevent anyone from having to undergo an outdated facelift. It is unethical to recommend patients to only do plastic surgery procedures when there are prevention methods and minimally invasive alternative procedures.”

Choose someone who has a wholistic approach to becoming AGELESS

While we all need a highly trained professional to direct us to the proper procedures, Dr. Moy stresses self-care, so as to optimize your skin’s health. The main focus is on nutrition, reparative enzyme creams, and laser skin resurfacing. Laser skin resurfacing removes the top layers of your skin, damaged by sun exposure, while simultaneously promoting collagen production. The result is healthy beautiful skin with a smoother tone and texture. The comfort of knowing that I had the best possible medical team, lead by an expert who is a highly respected doctor, helped to quell any discomfort or fears.

I am now convinced that this procedure, the Fractional Carbon Dioxide (C02) Laser, is one of the most effective procedures that result in improved skin quality and texture, as well as reducing fine and moderately deep lines. The best part is that the treatment continues to stimulate collagen synthesis for many months, and all you need is one treatment to get the most impressive and natural-appearing results. I did not even need any injectable fillers!

I also became hyper-vigilant about staying out of the sun. After decades of being a sun worshiper, I am now wearing the most advanced sunscreen, avoiding direct sunlight, as well as investing in a few fashionable hats and an overall face visor treated with a sun protective filter!

When you see a dramatic improvement in skin tone and texture, which evens out pigmentation and eliminates sunspots, as well as smooth lines, including those around the mouth and eyes, you will never be careless about the sun again!

Since the laser removed the top layers of damaged skin, it also removed any pre-cancers and stimulated the growth of younger, healthier skin! Because of his dedication to preventative measures, his team of experts are also all dedicated to more natural-looking results.

I feel the fractionated laser is the most advanced method that offers both a faster recovery and fewer side effects. Dr. Moy, a highly skilled-master of healthy skin, also is a specialist in Mohs skin cancer treatments, facial and plastics, dermatology and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, as well as DNA Enzymes and EGF.

As founder of the world-renowned, anti-aging and sun damage reversal skincare, with dual powerful ingredients: DNA enzymes and EGF Growth Factors, Dr. Ronald Moy was featured in ELLE magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire Magazine and more! For a more in-depth explanation, please visit Rodeoderm Fractionated CO2 Laser treatment. If you’re seeking a treatment with wonderful results, with the least complications and downtime, Dr. Ronald Moy is at the top of his field.

Another aspect to choosing the right Medical Professional is to make sure he has a great support ‘team.’ The After-Treatment Care is equally important!

Although Dr. Moy has a huge practice, he makes sure that you are assigned a support staff of medical assistants, including an independent skincare expert that will answer any and all questions, especially if you need help with the aftercare. I personally met with Simone Capelouto, of She was very patient and helpful, offering several skincare options and preventative solutions. She also had the treatment so she was able to give me some of her personal tips.

She highly recommends Dr. Moy because of his unique approach offering his patients a long term service. The reason I love and recommend the CO2 Laser if because of the long term results. Initially you see a clear more even skin tone from resurfacing the skin but as time goes on and the collagen kicks in there is a tightening and plumping effect which fades fine lines and wrinkles giving you the optimal anti-aging result. I suggest Introducing clean yet effective products after the co2 laser to help maintain the best long term results. Keeping the skin hydrated and protected are key.”

“He started collaborating with us for this reason and therefore goes above and beyond to make sure his patients are always taken care of.”

I also suggest you do your due diligence to explore other treatment options, however, in the end, you may decide that the treatment I had, will also be your first choice.

Also, before I made my decision, I checked out reviews on yelp and here is one that really says it all:

“I cannot say enough positive about Dr. Ronald Moy. I had a CO2 Laser procedure in his Beverly Hills office, after a lengthy research of the best doctors in the Los Angeles area. His office staff were all professional and friendly. In the consultation, Dr. Moy took time to answer every question I had and took time to listen to all my concerns. He shared that sometimes the biggest challenge is psychological, in that a patient should understand that the skin will heal; it just takes time, and that everyone is different in the healing process. I am three months post procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Very few people know I had this done, but just comment that I look refreshed, rested and that I have great skin. Just what I was looking for! I would recommend Dr. Moy to family and friends with enthusiasm!” Kathy V., Los Angeles

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