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Marjorie Hope Rothstein
9 min readJan 22, 2022


Are you a boomer in search of a facelift? Do you find yourself avoiding mirrors and bright lights so as not to see the wrinkles which seem to be appearing daily, at first glance? What do you see first when you gaze at yourself? Is it your crow’s feet, your lip creases, or your sagging jowls? Do you cringe when you see a photo and avoid selfies, unless there’s a filter?

While many of us have stayed home more in the past 18 months, adhering to lockdown mandates, spending more time watching the news, television, and YouTube videos, which have made us more self-conscious.

It seems as if we have all had too much time to ponder during lockdowns. Now that we are emerging “out there” and are on the move, life is starting back up, we still may have those sleepless nights and stress which has taken its toll.

Even if we were consistently taking care of ourselves, many people are taking more responsibility for their overall well-being in the form of self-education, self-knowledge, and self-reliance. Instead of relying on medical professionals, solely, we have all become more mindful of our own health conditions.

In 2020 most of our lives came to a standstill in so many more ways, due to the global pandemic, especially the in-person skin treatments. From business shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates, most were adhering to the safety considerations while the usual in-office professional procedures were put on hold.

From monthly facials and dermatological treatments to in-office beauty rituals, many of us were anticipating a surge in 2021 for getting out and getting back into shape, especially focusing, on self-care. Some were used to relying upon spa rituals including saunas, steam, massage, as well as tightening and toning the skin which comes along with our favorite form of stress-reduction.

“The results of such a stressful year appeared on our skin in new and unexpected ways. Worry lines, downturned facial muscles, mask-induced congestion and breakouts (which we not-so-fondly call “maskne”), and the emphasis on the face while making video calls, are just a few of the concerns driving a new set of…

Marjorie Hope Rothstein

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