Dreaming of a Day at the Spa-Pre-Lockdown 2020! The OSkin Med Spa

Marjorie Hope Rothstein
6 min readApr 19, 2020


OSkin MedSpa after my Signature Facial

I cannot even remember back when I had my last spa experience since the Covid-19 pandemic. I think it was the end of January. I know that things were getting very scary here in Los Angeles and it was probably the last safe day for me to go out to a public mall. I must admit that the mall was not at all crowded. In fact it was very deserted. The spa was empty as well. And this was before we were told NOT to go out. There were a lot of mixed messages then about what we should be doing regarding the precautions of this lethal virus.

The only thing that feels good right now is to remember back to how special it felt to have such a healing experience at a day spa. What a blessing it was to experience something so sensual, for a world weary soul. How much life has changed since then. How the simple Art of Touch is now a risk. Living a life filled with gratitude for the simple pleasures will be something most of us will cherish forever. While many celebs are sharing their public service messages about staying home in their McMansions in lockdown here in Los Angeles, some of us are confined to our in tiny apartments, grateful for a roof over our heads and a safe place to sleep. It really doesn’t say much for leveling the playing field when you can go out your backdoor and jump into your heated oxygenated swimming pool or jacuzzi while awaiting the Amazon delivery of yet another gizmo or gadget to pacify the boredom or confinement. For the rest of us, it was OK until we couldn’t even go out to our favorite hiking trail or park to enjoy the freedom of being outside or nature.

So now I will indulge myself in sharing the memory of my last spa experience, which by the way I think was probably one of the best ever!

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