From Frizz to FAB:2021 Holiday Hair Hacks

Marjorie Hope Rothstein
5 min readDec 21, 2021
Roseanne Rosannadana (The beloved Gilda Radnor, Frizz Queen from SNL)

Now that the holidays are upon us, this 2021 holiday season is extra special because many of us missed out on the celebrations during 2020 because of all the health restrictions. We also are excited to have the opportunity to visit salons and enjoy the luxury of beauty treatments. Specifically, the pleasure of having a professional stylist to help us enhance our beauty with their unique gifts and talents.

After over a year of limited services, I was researching the best of the best in hair treatments to assist me in finding the best conditioning treatment for my hair. As a spa trends specialist, I am passionate about finding a way to rejuvenate with natural products. I researched many smoothing applications which are called Keratin treatments and most were using toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. Some were less toxic than others, but I was thrilled to discover that one uses the most natural ingredients and is the next generation in professional hair smoothing treatments. I had originally found out about another treatment but it didn’t seem to be as pure. Then, after several weeks of research, I discovered Puraluxe!

I immediately contacted Pura Luxe to find out who was performing this unique salon treatment and was thrilled to find out that one of the formulators, Shiry Raz, was located right near me in Beverly Hills. She explained to me that this product is a labor of love created by two professional stylists and salon owners, both Shiry and Ofer Brami, who have been friends with over 40 years of combined experience.

I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Shiry, who was so warm and inviting over the phone that I immediately made an appointment with her. The best part is that I was so excited to find out that she was able to do the treatment personally for me! I also realized that she was not just a regular stylist, but a specialist at the Piny Salon, in Beverly Hills. Her specialty is helping celebs become camera ready for glam shots and performances. In addition, she is a custom wig designer for women who are dealing with genetic or medical conditions. Her commitment is to create a healthy, safe, and private environment for her clients to feel and look their best in. She is one of those powerful women wearing many ‘hats’ a “wife, mother, entrepreneur and business owner who strives to better people’s lives by contributing to the beauty industry for the last 18 years.”

I was thrilled to know that she is passionate about wellness and has a holistic outlook on natural beauty. When I arrived at the salon, I was immediately greeted so warmly by the receptionist and it was a very informal but private atmosphere so each client felt special.

Both Shiry and Ofer are respected professionals that have the highest standards in excellence focused on highlighting the importance of a non-toxic environment for stylists and their clients worldwide. They offer an uncompromising commitment to pure products that would not endanger themselves and their clients! Many smoothing products are actually not only dangerous to their clients, but to the stylists as well. Many professionals could not handle breathing in those horrible fumes. The headaches, nausea, coughing, and complaints were compromising their overall health.

After several years of researching, formulating, testing and perfecting they worked with closely with a chemist to come up with a safe non-toxic smoothing treatment that actually worked and did what it was supposed to do. Although this was a long process they finally got it right!

“The Non-Toxic Pura Luxe Amino Acid Protein Smoothing System was created. Not only did they create a non-toxic treatment, but it also could make hair smooth, frizz free, and even help repair damaged hair.”

They discovered that their passion to make a difference in the lives of stylists and their clients worldwide was going to go beyond the good idea of two friends, and become a “mission to expose the world to the possibility of such a revolutionary non-toxic treatment.”

Although they are both located in the Los Angeles area, the word is out and many wellnesss-conscious salon stylists are learning about this amazing formula and becoming trained to use this. If your favorite stylist is not familiar with this product, make sure to share this info or check out this site for a professional near you.

The future is bright on all points, now that the restrictions are lightening up and I am so excited to be able to enjoy my super shiny and smooth hair! Those rainy day blues are now frizz free and I look forward to enjoying my long and healthy hair again!

If you’re searching for a way to revitalize your hair and experience a worry free, healthy solution to Rosanne Roseannadana wild n’ craaazy Hair (LOL) don’t hesitate to try this magical hair treatment! And remember the catch phrase, “It’s always something!” Can also be a blessing when it comes to using PuraLuxe!



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