Going Deep With Deepak Chopra and Ayurvedic Healing

Marjorie Hope Rothstein
12 min readSep 16, 2020
Deepak and me at his book signing: “You Are The Universe”

To live without love, compassion, or any other spiritual value creates a state of such severe imbalance that every cell yearns to correct it. Ultimately, that is what lies behind the onset of disease; the body is sending a message that something lacking in the present — an imbalance existing somewhere — has given rise to highly visible, unarguable, physical symptoms.

Deepak Chopra

I cannot resist the temptation to begin this story with the main attraction of my Living in Balance retreat. I wanted to share the incremental progression of the weekend where we learned about the pillars of health through the ancient healing system of Ayurvedic Medicine and the key elements of living a balanced lifestyle. But my mind won’t focus on my notes because I have been mesmerized, hypnotized and spellbound with the juicy presentation by the Way of the Wizard author, the ‘man who needs no introduction’, Dr. Deepak Chopra! TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “One of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.” I cannot contain my excitement at how much I appreciate the level of his expansiveness.

I have met some people who find it difficult to grasp the kinds of concepts that Chopra explores. One literal fellow I shared this with said he could not even imagine ‘discovering your cosmic self,’ and that when he hears anything that Chopra shares about the universe, he gets lost in space. Yet I am thrilled to explore the “You Are the Universe” concepts. However, the quantum physics stuff baffles me too.

The man who introduced us to the Seven Spiritual Law of Success has just walked into the meeting room at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa, next to Legoland in Carlsbad, California. The excitement is palpable, as he saunters upon the stage. (Although I have been to a few book signings and actually shook his hand, his presence in the room was noteworthy.) I was ready for a large dose of whatever he was sharing today. The reality pills (the blue or the red) are no longer working and I wanted a new prescription for escaping the ‘matrix’ and detoxing from the digital world, the job hunting world, the news, the world at large and basically my ‘so-called life’.

Marjorie Hope Rothstein

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