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Marjorie Hope Rothstein
7 min readAug 25, 2020

Have you ever heard of Trichology? It is a branch of medical and cosmetic study dedicated to the science of the hair and scalp, including anatomy, growth and aging.

TrichologyIt is the science that deals with the hair, its diseases, and care

Did you know that a professional Trichologist is trained to recognize scalp and hair disorders and will recommend the most helpful salon services specifically for your hair type? The best advice for healthy hair hacks is to first choose an expert to deal with your haircare needs so you will be able to achieve consistent results.

My last fond memory of a festive vibe in Los Angeles 2020 was during the week leading up to the Oscars. The town was ablaze with parties galore, and I was thrilled to attend the gifting suite for Twelfth Annual Pre-Oscar® Style Lounge and Party at the Fig and Olive Restaurant on Melrose Place. Honoring the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, it was at the newly remodeled Hollywood Hotspot on Melrose Place. This was my last momentous event before the lockdown, which occurred about a month later.

It was exciting to meet all the attendees and celebs, as well as exhibitors, such as celebrity stylist Shann Christen, a professional hair trichologist, who was gifting a goodie bag of his natural health based BioMethod products.

After checking out his website, I discovered that he not only had twenty years of experience, but he realized that beautiful hair goes beyond what we see on the surface. He also wanted to make sure his clients, especially those who were in the public eye, had the finest quality haircare available. His passion for helping clients restore true hair health became a dedication to the study of Trichology.

After decades of having too much hair, I had reached a point where I noticed my hair brush had more hair every day and these were the telltale signs of a problem, with hair all over, from my car and in the house! I knew from that moment, I needed to find an expert who had the knowledge to restore my hair beyond just looking pretty. My intention was to schedule an appointment with Shann to have a hair and scalp analysis. He was not just another trendy hair Stylist, because I knew he was more like a doctor.

Shann is a rare find, as one of a select few certified professionals in this field, with 12 years of advanced studies in Italy, four of which included earning his Trichologist credentials.

Shann collaborated with and improved upon the hair care formulas of the award-winning Italian hair and cosmetics manufacturer Mario Zunino & C (which was established in 1961) by using “living” ingredients that puts the nutritional needs of hair and scalp first. Thus, the BioMethod, has evolved into the finest quality hair care that preserves and protects hair’s natural barriers to address hair deficiencies and scalp issues.

I knew that the next time I needed a color enhancement and cut, Shann was the man!

But then we had the lockdown and all of the salons were closed. At the same time, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom order a statewide stay-at-home order. Mayor Gil Garcetti stated that “The only time you should leave your home is for essential activities and needs.” Many of us learned that personal services like beauty and hair care were not considered essential. However wellness in all aspects is always essential to me.

After several months of watching my hair turn from fab to drab, and my roots showing more grey than I could tolerate, the salons were suddenly open again! I immediately made an appointment and was thrilled to meet with Shann. He was very sensitive in meticulously following all of the necessary health guidelines and only takes care of one client at a time, so I had a private appointment. I had the opportunity to learn all about his philosophy of hair and am excited to share some of his top tips to maintain healthy hair during lockdown and beyond.

“I’m a Trichologist, educated and certified by the CTB in Torino, Italy. I have advance degrees in essential hair care, scalp care and massage as well as hair loss both female and male alopecia. With techniques in treatments of scalp conditions for seborrhea, hyperidrosis, dandruff, and sensitive scalp.”

Shann working his magic in the studio

Shann explained to me about his BioMethod’s approach, which is a revolutionary new concept in hair care that treats hair as part of the living body, putting the nutritional needs of the hair first with safe, effective, and proper cleansing. The active ingredients in BioMethod cleansers not only work with all types of hair, but they are a remarkable scientific leap ahead in hair care.

“Haircare is Self-Care, it is very important. Our self esteem is attached to our hair and beauty. We think too often that hair is a vanity. But it is not a vanity, it’s empowerment. Naturally good hair means good genes, good breeding. When you hair is healthy and looks great you have more confidence. Hair is an important element in all of the animal kingdom, it is attractive to others. We all innately know that.”

Shann Christen shared one myth of the beauty industry:

“There are advancements in the synthetic products that they use to give you the look and feel of healthy hair……but hair is hygroscopic, like a sponge, ready to absorb. You don’t need anything fancy to penetrate. It will do it on its own.”

Shann also mentioned that most cosmetic industry hair products advertise a cosmetic cover up, like: “Our new advanced, micro-molecules will penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair”

Shann revealed that most of these products have cheap, harsh ingredients that penetrate straight into the cortex of the hair, but will actually dry out the hair and ruin it! He explained that the water is held inside of the hair, in the molecular structure by copper and zinc. This is the science of hair. It is well known in the medical field. Yet the cosmetic industry still treats it like some mystery. By deceiving us with this illusionary stuff, a cosmetic cover up, not growing healthy hair.

Here at the salon we grow healthy hair via the BioMethod approach and products.Once my clients come to me to restore their hair, and they see the excellent results, they won’t let anyone else touch them! Shann Christan

Tina Jordan, Celebrity Client

Here are Shann Christen’s 3 Vital Healthy Hair Hacks to maintain a healthy scalp as well:

1.Wash it! Be meticulous and wash your hair as often as possible. Preferably daily. Most hairdressers will tell you to wash less often. This is because if you use cheap shampoo and hair products it will damage the hair. The highest quality ingredients are your best bet.The natural oils must be cleaned often, because it compacts and compounds into the follicle.Your hair must be washed because of the natural oils. The natural hair oils build up, and the purpose of the sebum is to trap dirt, debris, toxins, free radicals, and bacteria before any of it reaches the scalp and deteriorates hair and stunts growth. That is why it is important to regularly cleanse the *Hydrolipidic Film (sebum) (which is vital to hair and scalp health) from the hair and scalp, to remove the trapped debris, thus maintaining optimal hair growth.

*Shann educates his clients on the science of haircare. The hydrolipidic film is a protective film that covers the entire surface of the skin. It is composed mainly of sweat, sebum and water and its main function is to defend the skin against bacteria, acting as an external protective barrier. It also helps the skin to maintain its suppleness and moisture.

2. Think Nutrition! Just as we are concerned about the proper nutrition for our body, the hair and scalp has specific needs. Only use scientifically based products specific formulated for your hair/scalp condition. BioMethod products include aromatherapy, scalp massage, and specialized enzyme masks, to treat the scalp to ensure you are growing healthy hair. If you don’t have a healthy scalp, you can’t grow healthy hair.

3. Don’t Use Dry Shampoo! It is damaging, compacts the oil and grease into the follicle, meaning more hair loss and will cause more breakage. Your scalp must be healthy in order to have beautiful, thick, hair.

So many of Shann’s clients rave about his hair care after years of suffering with challenges and lack of proper solutions or support.

“Shann was the first and only person who correctly identified the cause of my hair thinning, and is getting my hair back to the healthiest it has been in years…….. His knowledge about trichology, his cutting technique, and his products are simply top notch, and I cannot recommend him enough.

RM Los Angeles

Here I am celebrating “BLONDE by Shann”

Many others, like myself were thrilled to find someone who could transform their hair from drab to fab and finally find a new style and color that enhances their best selves. Even men are feeling more attractive!

Talk about making the art of haircutting a science… Shann is the ONLY haircutter I have ever been to that is able to shape and cut hair in a way that actually and positively reshapes how I feel about myself.”

Howard F.

While many states are grappling with the continued shut down of non-essential businesses, and a visit to a salon may be limited, you can still practice self-care and make sure to have the best quality haircare.



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