Spring is in the “Hair” at Sally Hershberger Salon

Marjorie Hope Rothstein
6 min readApr 19, 2021
Pure Radiance! Custom Color by Louisa

It’s that time of year again, when the days grow longer, the nights grow shorter and the fragrant blooms begin to waft through the air. For many, this was a year that felt like eternity, especially because of the shut downs and elongated times between visits to our favorite salon. And for most, we learned the value of a professional stylist who could help us feel beautiful again. Some of us braved the in between times by letting it all hang out, the good, the bad, the ugly and especially the gray roots!

But here in Los Angeles, in the heart of Hollywood/Beverly Hills, the re-opening of Sally Hershberger Salon is a big event. Located right down the street from “Melrose Place,” this Tony spot not only caters to top celebs but regular diva’s too, and is sprouting with those who love the highlife and highlights. When you step upstairs into this hidden gem, you immediately feel the positive vibes.

Spacious and bright salon in the heart of West Hollywood

I had the opportunity to review this salon over 5 years ago and it was one of the best experiences, especially because the result was beyond my expectations. More importantly, the stylists were so talented and gifted, and knew the value of treating each client like they were special. Believe me when say that I have had my share of ‘snooty’ celeb stylists who acted like they were doing me a favor to “Do” my hair and when I showed what I wanted, they proceeded to do something totally different, and I was unpleasantly surprised.

So after several months of watching my hair turn from dull to duller, I was thrilled to be able to go back to my favorite spot, and was presented with two new artistes, one for my color and one for my cut. These two miracle workers were able to bring back the vibrancy and healthy hair that I so longed for all year.

When I entered the salon, they did all the proper protocols for hygiene and were meticulously focused on the details. I was then warmly greeted by both of my stylists and whisked off to the spacious area for my colorist, Louisa Harb to do her magic.

Louisa Harb, Balayage/Color artiste extraordinaire

As an LA native, trained at the world renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy, Harb was mentored by a highly skilled French master in the art of Balayage and was attentive to my desire not to become a slave to my roots. She suggested that we just do the highlights and lowlights and keep the interplay with my blended grey roots as a base. This was not an easy endeavor since it requires a keen sense of balance between high and lowlights plus a seamless transition from the roots.

With the artful skill of a color specialist, this process was carefully performed by adding more depth and warmth to the gray and highlighting where I was more white. I was pleased to see that she was able to honor my request for the ultimate in dimension and depth, but my grow-out will still be soft. (Unlike my previous stylist, who ignored this and made my whole head of hair flat and one dimensional).

I was also introduced to a new in-salon treatment,K18 Biomimetic Hairscience https://www.k18hair.com which utilizes a breakthrough patented oligopeptide. This is a molecular breakthrough in haircare which is clinically proven to reverse damage in just 4 minutes. Although my color process took a couple of hours, this new regenerative treatment was a blessing to behold! Louisa Harb is truly a pro, especially since she cares about giving her clients what they want but what is also best suited for them and their lifestyle. Her innate ability to envision the best outcome for her clients as well as her welcoming demeanor and passion for creative solutions makes her one of the best of the best!

K18 Magic “Biomimetic Hair Science” Potions

She was so thorough and added a Gold pigment shampoo, in addition to the K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask. Harb commented that K18 is not only a time saver but it produces much better results. The science behind it is truly groundbreaking. The best part is that it carries amino acids inside the hair cortex to reconnect broken bonds and keratin chains — for hair like new in 4 minutes. This is especially important to be used immediately after chemical services to repair damage done during the service, and at home to keep hair in its healthiest, strongest state. The hair is left feeling softer and healthier than ever before and it is easy to use at home!

Steven Ford in “Flow” making Waves

When I’m cutting hair I look at a person best features, and cut around that. Have great cheekbones, a soft layer starting at cheekbone will open the face.

Steven Ford

After performing color magic on my hair with Louisa, I knew I was in great hands when Steven Ford took over and did his hair magic. Ford has a vibrant and uplifting personality that captivates you immediately. Both stylists are warm and have great vibes. Ford is especially talented at creating the best looks to enhance each individual client. He was chosen to be Ms. Hershberger’s protege, and has the presence of a pro to be able to be able to perform miracles on photo shoots, television and runway fashion shows. As a Midwest farm boy at heart, he was able to parlay his talents into a prestigious position in the famed New York City salon.

Steven Ford, A ‘cut above the rest’ Master stylist

Timeless hair isn’t just about the cut or style or color. It’s about the feeling you feel after the service, that’s timeless to me. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful at any age.

Steven Ford

His personal style, magnetic personality and keen sense of beauty transformed my previously poorly cut hair into a textured look that defines and enhances my best features. Ford’s ability to handle the challenges of working with his mentors’ high-profile clientele was a great training ground for handling any kind of hair opportunity. Working alongside Sally Hirshberger who is the ‘who’s who’ of hairstyle hall of fame, and a legendary leader in the world of celebrity beauty. Ford is on his way to becoming a beauty icon in his own right.

For myself I love effortless hair. Something you can achieve at home without your stylist by your side. Something that flows and bring out your inner confidence.

Steven Ford

(I was so thrilled to get a goody bag of some of the salon’s best kept secret products like her 24k line of healthy haircare, so I can maintain my vibrance and condition at home.)

My go to Sally Hershberger 24k product is the 24k Golden touch nourishing dry oil. Not only is it a great heat protector, but gives your hair the oil and shine it deserves. It’s beyond weightless so it’s perfect for all hair types.

Steven Ford

Sally Hershberger Salon:Mod Decor Reminiscent of the ‘60’s



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